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    BBox.xmax values


      it is a real problem for a rip software if one glyph is very wide?
      InDesign and Acrobat have no problems with it.

      >Single Face Test 15: Warn if Font BBox x/y coordinates are improbable.
      >Warning: BBox X-Max is out of range for Font ...
      > BBox.xmax: 3884

      It`s an ornament glyph - not commenly used and not usable to cute it
      into two pieces.

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          No, it isn't a problem. There are many cases of ornamental and script fonts with a few glyphs that are very large.

          CompareFamily reports things as "Error" if it is an illegal or risky. "Warnings" are generally, as in this case, about things that could be intentional, but which are unusual enough to need checking. If you really meant to do whatever the "Warning" is about, you are OK.