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    fontinfo file

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      First of all a big thank to Thomas.

      I took the fontinfo file in the Example Fonts Folder (specifically the AGaramond Pro one). There is a lot of information there that i dont know if it is needed for OT creation. Particularly, AscenderHeight, LcHeight, FigureHeight, DescenderDepth, etc. and all the overshoots for these values.

      I know that all this information can be obtain from the BlueValue entry in the private dictionary, but is all this information really needed if, in fact, you can find it there?

      And, if all these information is needed can you tell me where i can find the fontinfo file specification?

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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          First, let me say that the fontinfo file is actually a relic of our Unix-based Type 1 font creation process. So there's a bunch of stuff in there we use to make the Type 1 font, which is not used by makeOTF. In general, all that stuff is actually sourced from the Type 1 font instead.

          You should check the makeotf user guide to see whether there's anything else, but the three things that were definitely used from fontinfo the last time I did this are:

          - FontName (PostsScript name)
          - IsBoldStyle (formerly IsWindowsBold)
          - IsItalicStyle

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            Thank you very much.