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    old t1 font

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      I got a very old postscript font that has many not standard chars and i would like some advice as how i should treat them.

      rperiodsuperior (r.)
      rsperiodsuperior (rs.)
      speriodsuperior (s.)

      Dapostrophe (D')
      Oapostrophe (O')
      apostrophec ('c)
      apostrophes ('s)

      As for the first three ones I suposed they should be special kerning pairs for Mr. Mrs. and Ms.
      As for D' or 'c i have no idea where to apply them. As for O' i can think of O' in irish family names. And 's as an special kerning pair for third person of to be.

      Besides, it has as well oneromannumeral (I), fiveromannumeral (V) and tenromannumeral (X).

      The question is where should i classify this ligatures. as hist or dlig? and the roman numbers?

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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          I've no idea why they're in the font, but roman numerals have their own section in Unicode. So just encode them correctly and away you go.

          For the weird superior ligatures, I'd put them in "dlig" since "hist" doesn't make much sense to me.

          For the letters with apostrophes, it's possible some or all are there for linguistic purposes, where they really do represent a single character and not just a ligature for typesetting convenience. You may need to do some extra research.



          Thomas Phinney
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            It is an Adobe fonts in particular sold by AGFA named AT Artisan (is an outlined font).
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              Thomas Phinney Level 3
              That's not an Adobe font, actually, but an Agfa font. (Although it may be in Adobe's PostScript Type 1 font format.)

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                If you really think that all the period and apostrophe pairs are just kern pairs, with no difference in the outline, then I would delete these glyphs and implement the same effect with kern pairs instead.
                I would otherwise put them in dlig.

                By the AGL naming rules, rperiodsuperior would be named r_period.superior

                If the Roman numerals are not different from the regular capital letters, then I would remove them from the font. Else, I would name them as alternates, and specify a substition feature to get to them. You are treading new territory, so you can do what you want - just let your users know. Personally, I would specify these as stylistic alternates of the capital letters. e.g

                feature salt {
                sub I I.romannumeral
                sub V V.romannumeral
                sub X X..romannumeral
                } salt;
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                  Thomas Phinney Level 3
                  I'll go with Read on the first part, but I don't think he realized that roman numerals have their own Unicode slots. Given that, they would best be given uniXXXX names, I think.