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    Font sources in FDK

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      Hm... Pity I'm not first here... Anyway.

      I've noticed that you didn't include the font.ps for AGaramondPro or Minion
      Pro, and cidfont.ps for Kozuka.

      Kozuka Mincho Pro Acro R and Kozuka Mincho Std R are included in InDesign
      2.0 US Trial and InDesign 2.0 CE Trial. In addition, 4 styles of Minion Pro
      and 4 styles of Myriad Pro are included in InDesign 2.0 CE Trial.

      Hence, at least one style of the Kozuka font and one style of the Minion Pro
      font are easily and freely available for evaluation purposes. For that
      reason, I think it would be very helpful if Adobe included the complete
      sources for these fonts in the FDK distribution. This would help developers
      in learning the tool by building the first font from the provided sources.