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    Is Helvetica Greek Upright OTF available?

      I posted an InDesign conversion-related question a while back. Now my client has decided to switch from Quark and PageMaker to InDesign 2.0.

      Now my quesitons is, for Greek, we now use Helvetica Greek family (like upright, bold, inclined, etc. on the Mac). Is the equivalent OTF font set already available? Or, if not, can I convert my current TTF to OTF using the FDK? I installed the FDK on my Mac (OS9.2.2), but was unable to get it to work. I also checked this forum but could not find anything helpful.

      Would like to see some enlightening suggestions from those who have already experienced this.

      Thanks a million!!!

      Yanling Yao
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          Adobe did not license Helvetica Greek in Type 1 format, so we did not convert it to OpenType as part of our type library conversion effort.

          Adobe does have OpenType fonts that support Greek, including the Myriad Pro family.

          It is possible to use the FDK, likely in conjunction with a font editor, to convert your existing TTF to OpenType. However, there would likely be considerable work involved. You could do this particular task much more easily with retail tools, such as FontLab.