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    Installation Problems

      Windows XP

      Extracted FDK 1.5 to C:\Program Files\OpenType FDK

      Installed Python 2.3 alpha 1 to C:\Program Files\OpenType FDK\Python 2.3

      Installed WinTTX 2.0b1

      When trying to install




      The message received was

      'Python 2.2 not found in the registry'

      Is there a problem with 2.3 instead of 2.2 or I did something wrong?

      Are the last two apps necessary?

      Help! :(
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          2.3 doesn't work

          installed 2.2 work ok

          My apologies again
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            FYI: The FontTools/TTX package, which depends in turn on Numeric-22.0.win32-py2.2.exe , is necessary only for the CompareFamily program. The rest of the FDK works fine without this.

            Congratulations on getting it all installed for Python 2.2. I just helped someone in-house install the FDK, and found that the Windows install instructions need updating!

            Unfortunately the WinTTX package is not enough to run the Compare family tools. From the same source as the TTX program, you need to install instead the source files. You will find a python script at the top level directory called 'setup.py'. You need to run this froma command window, with the option "install", e.g. "setup.py install".

            Or you can wait until early Feb, when a new version of the FDK, with more up-to-date install isntructions, will be made available.

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              I am trying to understand the technology at the moment and to be honest - it's not easy to perceive so many small sub-apps... why, what, when... etc.

              BTW, how many of the mentioned (in install instructions) sub apps do I really need when:

              Opening an existent Type 1 or TTF fonts, adding special chars (zcaron and other)and reencoding them?

              I can add chars either in Fontographer or FontLab, I am familiar with that.

              Generate font files in Fontographer also.

              Then what?

              So far I did a bit of exploring (MakeOTF) etc., there are many terms I need to familiarize with - I get that, I will do that.

              What I am missing here is a simple guidelines - workflow guidelines exactly.

              Meaning how can I get an overview picture here prior to exploring details?
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                Thomas Phinney Level 3
                Basically, you need to have all the glyphs complete and build an input font. The FDK isn't a design tool, more of a compiler. You can add OpenType layout features with it, control certain entries in the name table and OS/2 table, etc.