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    FDK Proof Tools


      it`s possible to generat an ASCII dump like the folloing with the
      proofing tools?

      glyhename leftsitebearing rightsitebearing totalspace

      I need it for a two color font project - so every counterpart font must
      have the same spacing and metrics.

      TTX (htmx table) makes a good job, but the right side bearing is not
      displayed and it crashes with most of my fonts. But this is an ohter
      problem. :-)

      Just (OverflowError: long int too large to convert to int)

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          None of the FDK tools will display this particular format.
          However, the CFFChecker tool ( whcih also works with TTF fonts) will dump the metrics in the format:
          ### glyph[tag] {gname,enc,width,{left,bottom,right,top}}
          glyph[34] {A,0x41,636,{-17,-3,646,642}}

          Replace commas and spaces with tabs, brackets with nothing, save file, open in Excel, delete all but the name, width, and left and right columns, enter a formula in a new column to calculate RSB = (width - right), export as a tab file, and you have your report. Or you could write a Python script to do the same.