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    Making OTF fonts with UPM > 1000

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      Dear OTFDK developers,

      how can I create a Type 1 font that can be used as basis for an OTF font with UPM > 1000? I thought Type 1 fonts can only have UPM of 1000...

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          Hi Adam,

          I know that FontLab allows one to change the UPM to something other than 1000. So you could use FontLab to make such a Type 1 font. Not sure if the FDK will parse such a font, though.

          Or, you could use t1disasm on a Type 1 font, change the FontMatrix to

          [ 5e-4 0 0 5e-4 00 ]

          which is effect 2000 UPM, and then double all of the numbers in the decrypted disassembled subroutines and charstrings. Then reassemble the font. Maybe I should talk to Eddie Kohler about adding such an option to the t1utils suite of tools.

          There is also Y&Y's FMP which does some handy tricks with Type 1 fonts, but I am not sure if it handles UPM adjustments.