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    Arrows in OpenType fonts

      This might be the wrong forum but i presume that font devolpers visit this forum.
      I miss arrows in »normal« opentype fonts as MinionPro or MyriadPro. To my opinion one left, right, up and down arrow are sufficient and there should be enough character slots in an optentype font for it.
      It is great to use greek and latin characters from the same font ? without symbol. It will be greater to renounce Dingbats too.
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          you can use the unicode numbers to encode these characters (go to unicode.org and check the different pdf files with all encoding numbers for arrows, greek, cyrillic, etc.)

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            Thank you Txortx for your reply.
            I agree that it is possible to code arrows in the way you showed
            But my suggestion was directed to font designers to include arrows in normal-use fonts.
            MinionPro is a very useful font because it includes greek characters optimized with the latin characters in it. You need not to use the Symbol font for alphas and betas instead you can use one font ? MinionPro. This should also be possible for arrows: Font designer should include arrows in their fonts. This was my suggestions as a font user but not font designer.

            Regards, Klaus
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              Actually, we came to the same conclusion. The latest shipping version of Minion Pro does in fact have a basic set of arrows and such. This was added late last year.

              Additionally, a few of our newer families also have this, such as Utopia Std.