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    New MakeOTF entries for the OS/2 table

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      The new FDK version 1.6 introduces some new entries to the feature file for the OS/2 table. One is the "CodePageRange". Codepages can now be declared explicitly in the syntax by specifying the codepage number(s).

      Two questions about this:

      1. How is the Macintosh Character Set (US Roman) 'codepage' specified? It simply has no codepage number. Is it possible to directly declare the bit that should be set? This bit isn't automatically calculated and set by MakeOTF even though all characters in that 'codepage' is present in the font (MS FontValidator complain about this)

      2. Is it possible, in the new syntax introduced in 1.6, to prevent codepage bits from being set in the font? Hypothetically if MakeOTF calculates a codepage to be included that you do not want to be set.

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          The MakeOTF heurisitics do not have any rules to set the Mac code page bit. This is a bug, that will be fixed in the next FDK release, due out soemtime around July. The only way to set it is to use the CodePageRange override and use a vlvalueaue which sets this bit. As I recall, but please check against the spec, the Mac Code Page is bit 29, aka decimal 536870912 and hex 0x20000000 (I like PCCalc for this kind of conversion - enter 2^29.)

          MS Validator complains about most of the Adobe OpenType fonts for just this reason.We still know of no problem caused by this issue, but plan to eventually fix the fonts anyway.