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    Manutius -- Type 1 font editor for Windows freely available

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      The German programmer Dr. A. Gebert has authorized the German TypeForum
      website to distribute his Manutius 2.0 for Windows font editor free of

      Manutius 2.0 was developed 1994-97 by Dr. Gebert but never got much
      publicity despite its amazing functionality. The editor used to cost 100
      German Marks but since now the product is out of date, the author donated it
      to the website.

      The download is ~1.2 MB. The software was developed for Windows 3.1. It
      works on Windows 2000/XP but only supports short file names. Also, its user
      interface is in German only. It can only edit Type 1 fonts with up to 1000

      However, its drawing interface makes very good impression, and the ability
      to display the actual PostScript charstring code along with the graphical
      representation make the editor an excellent free companion to Adobe OpenType
      Font Development Kit.

      The download is available at:


      (Please unwrap the URL).

      Best regards,
      Adam Twardoch