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    .otf to .ttf conversion

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      Is there a simple tool/utility to convert an .otf (Adobe Windows) to .ttf.

      I purchased an .otf font without knowing that my cad program only supports .ttf and .shx
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          You could use FontLab to do this, but it's a heck of a lot more expensive than the font was in the first place! (Retail price around $600 I think.)

          I expect the next version of "TransType" will do this, but the current version does not. This is unfortunate, since it is much more reasonably priced (around $100 I think)

          Both programs are from the same folks: http://www.fontlab.com



          Thomas Phinney
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            Hello All,

            I am able to convert the fm files to XML files using the FDK APIs.
            But the Graphics which are in .wmf are not converting.
            Could you tell me how to convert the .wmf to .jpg/.gif imagaes ?
            Is FDK provides any APIs for that.

            And also after converting to .jpg/.gif files, is it possible to link the references in the XML file using FDK APIs?

            Note: I am using FDK 7.1 APIs.

            Thanks in advance