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      Hallo all,

      Yes, i know this is not exactly the right place for my question but i don't know any better. So i hope to get an answer.

      I have to apply digital signatures to TTF- and CFF-OpenType fonts. I have a class 3 signature from VeriSign and the FontSigningTool from Microsoft. Every thing works fine, my only problem is - i have to sign a whole library with 8000 weights and the 'signcode.exe' is asking for the private key password for every single font.

      My question: is there any way to pass the password to 'signcode.exe' as a commandline parameter?
      Or is there a way to create a temporary private key without password that matches the signature i already have.

      Any help or hint is welcome.

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          Tach Eigi,

          8000 fonts... the ff library? ;-)

          have you ever seen the docs in the current OpenType FDK? You will find
          exactly what you looking for from Read Roberts.

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            Tach Andreas,

            > the ff library?


            thank you very much, this hint saved my live.

            For any other, here the magic sentence:

            "If you specified a password for use of your digital certificate when you bought it, then you must install the associated private key in your Windows system local stores. This way, you only enter the password once, when you install it."

            Found in:
            "Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType - Beginner's Guide to Digitally Signing OpenType Fonts"

            thanx again

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              You can find discussion of this issue in the document at: