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    Dumb question

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      What is an open type font?

      I will assume a new format like TT / T1 / MM...yes?
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          "Mike Ornellas" <scanboy@pacbell.net><br /><br />> What is an open type font?<br /><br />OpenType is a font format based on TrueType, but with an option to use<br />PostScript outlines instead of TrueType outlines. OpenType fonts come in two<br />"flavors" (so, technically, OpenType isn't *one* font format but two very<br />similar font formats).<br /><br />There are OpenType TTF fonts, which are basically TrueType fonts with some<br />extensions (allowing the user to use ligatures, small caps, alternate<br />characters and other extras, provided the user has a suitable application<br />such as Adobe InDesign).<br /><br />There are also OpenType OTF fonts, which have the same structure but use<br />PostScript outlines istead of TrueType outlines. The are stored as Type 2, a<br />more compact derivative derivative of Type 1.<br /><br />Please refer to the Adobe Type section form more information:<br />http://www.adobe.com/type/opentype/main.html<br /><br />Adam
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