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    Free PostScript font editor for Windows available -- Manutius 2.0 English

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      Several months ago, the German programmer Dr. A. Gebert made his Manutius
      2.0 for Windows font editor available free of charge. Yeah Noah, the author
      of the simple Noah Type 1 editor, no completed an English version of
      Manutius 2.0 and made it available for download.

      Manutius 2.0 was developed 1994-97 by Dr. Gebert and used to sell for
      approx. 100 DEM but never got much publicity despite its amazing
      functionality. The reason behind this is probably because the editor was
      originally only available in German language.

      The download is ~1.2 MB. The software was developed for Windows 3.1. It
      works on Windows 2000/XP but only supports short file names. It can only
      edit Type 1 fonts with up to 1000 glyphs. The drawing interface makes very
      good impression, and the edito can display the actual PostScript charstring
      code along with the graphical representation.

      Now, as a recent development, Manutius 2.0 is finally available in English!
      Completely free of charge. An excellent free companion to Adobe OpenType
      Font Development Kit. Also, an interesting companion to FontLab, and other
      type production tools.

      I presume Virtual PC or WINE can help Manutius run on MacOS or Linux.

      Manutius 2.0 English is available at:

      Best regards,
      Adam Twardoch