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    cross platform opentype font compatibility and web pages


      I'm new here so please forgive me if this is an often asked question (i did search first).

      It's just that I'm just a little sick of constantly using the same fonts (six variations) on my web pages. Let alone seeing them on everyone elses.

      It seems to me that during the past six years most new applications must have quietly delivered a number of opentype fonts to their users pc's/mac's/unix boxes.

      On that basis it would appear that the six oft-quoted variations should now have been expanded significantly (according to my own font folder to about fifteen, including e.g. trebuchet, century gothic ).

      Does anyone know of anywhere (something like a chart would be nice) where these variations are documented (with the different platform font names) with an approximate idea of the percentage likelihood of whether users will be able to see the intended font.

      (Although embedding fonts is of course an option, because it substantially adds byte size to page download times, it still seems generally frowned upon.)

      Thanks for your help