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    OpenType and Ghostscript

      I have a lot of OpenType fonts (.otf) that I need to use with Ghostscript. I tried putting them in the fontmap file the way
      I do for other fonts (.pfb for example), but Ghostscript gives me an error
      when it tries to load the font.

      Is OpenType supported by Ghostscript?
      If so, how do I get them to work?
      If not, can I convert the fonts to .pfb or something that is supported, and

      I'm using Windows 2000 and Ghostscript version 7.00.

      - Dave
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          You'd have to ask the GhostScript folks about their support of OpenType. It is not widely used enough that it's gotten on our radar before this. However, I for one would like to know the answer as well.

          You could convert the fonts to Type 1. This would require an application such as FontLab or TransType Pro (the latter just announced). See http://www.fontlab.com.

          What is it you need to do in GhostScript, just out of curiosity?


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            I'm not sure how to ask "the GhostScript folks" about anything, since I couldn't find any way to ask questions directly of people who work on it, and there's no tech support people. It's essentially an open-source project, although there are commercial versions of it. I found a usenet news group for PostScript where a lot of people ask GhostScript questions and asked about OpenType font support there, and got no response.

            It turns out that OpenType fonts do work in the latest version of Ghostscript (I found out simply by upgradng and trying it), but they didn't for some reason in the earlier version I had, although I could find no mention of recently added support for them, and had seen some indication that they were supposed to work in previous versions. I wonder if I had something set wrong in my previous installation.

            I had contacted FontLab and they said their TransType product does not currently support conversion from OpenType fonts, but an upcoming version will. However, I have no need to convert them to Type 1 with the latest version of Ghostscript.

            I'm using GhostScript to rasterize PostScript and EPS files in a batch process, by the thousands.

            - Dave
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              Thomas Phinney Level 3
              Good to hear that the newer version of ChostScript works with OpenType fonts. What's the new version number, just for my reference?

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                The latest version of GhostScript is 8.11
                Check www.ghostscript.com for updates

                - Dave