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    A serious problem with AAR 5.0 in printing out a book

      I have written a book in MS Word 2000 and I converted it in a PDF file with AR 5.0
      Then I tried to print it out as a book.
      I rotated the pages and included two A4 pages in one so that an A4 sheet to have 4 pages on both sides.
      In order to do this trick, I rotated the horizontal text page
      to vertical position on the left side for printing out the page 1 and on the right side for printing out the page 2. This must be done in order to have the 4 pages printed out in a sequence and in an A4 sheet.
      The procedure is as follows:
      First, I print out the page one (1) while having my PDF text page rotated vertically on the left side and the printing out is successful.
      Then I rotate again the page vertically to face on the right side to print out the page two (2) in the same sheet.
      Here is where the problem begins.
      The page 1 is printed out well BUT its top/bottom margin is different than the page 2, which is printed in a lower position on the A4 sheet.
      The margins all around the page look perfect but the two of them are printed out with one line lower that makes one page higher or lower than the other and not in a straight line as it is supposed to be.
      I have tried to find out what causes this problem with no success so I am into contact with you requesting an immediate help. I know that it is a small but serious problem particularly for my case as an author and I believe that the solution can be given only by an expert of Adobe Acrobat 5.O
      Please, inform me about any adjustment that must be done to solve this margin situation (problem) as I know that AAR 5.0 is an excellent software and can do this work for me.