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    Text of mideavel gravestones in OpenType?

      We're planning a book about ancient gravestones in the Sint-Jans Cathedral in Den Bosch Holland. The author confronted me with the following:

      During the ages, all kinds of abbreviations were used in the engravings. Some of them can be found in the Open Type character-map, some others are less common I'm afraid. A few examples:

      - a "v", "V" and "y" with a dash above it
      - superscript "O" with a dash underneath it
      - a "b", "h" with a dash right through the middle
      - a "C" upside down

      What are the options: Is it probably very costly to have these special glyphs added to a font and it would inflict with copyright too I'm afraid. Or is there a simpler solution in connection to InDesign on a Windows-platform?
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          I don't know if there's a font family that already supports what you need, but I doubt it.

          Some type foundries allow modification of their fonts, others do not. It's a matter of checking the specific license. One could also contact the foundry about making such modifications.

          I would recommend hiring a professional to do the modifications. Given the costs of buying high-end font-editing software for yourself, it isn't going to cost you much more, and will get better results.



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            Hello Marc,

            The only font I know that have all the abbreviations you mention is Garamond 1530 by Tiro TypeWorks (www.tiro.com). One of the weights in this font is RomanArchaics which contains a lot of archaic abbreviations, signs and accents.

            I hope this can help you.