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    After Effects Wont Install

      I got the trial version of Adobe After Effects CS3. It installs the files into the folder C:\Program Files\Adobe\After Effects
      When its done and i click "Launch Adobe After Effects CS3"
      a little box pops up and does something, then the setup should start, but it doesn't start, I manually tried to start it but it won't start the installation setup, can you help please?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Which operating system? Are you installing with sufficient user permissions?

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            Operating system? Not so good with computer terms but I'm using Windows XP. If that's what you mean, and I'm on the only user on my computer and i've installed Photoshop CS3 before so it shouldn't be different.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Mmh, well, in that case some old stuff from the previous install may get in the way. Uninstall everything you have so far again (if it shows up in your "Add or Remove Programs" panel), then run the CS3 clean scripts http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs3clean.html. Only after that attempt another install.

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                I download After Effects 30 day trial, but once I tried to use it, it was looking asking me for a serial number. If I pressed I want to try Adobe After Effects free for 30 days, I get the following message, a problem was encountered while trying to load the trial period for Adobe After Effects. Click quit to see if restarting your computer or reinstalling the software fixes this problem. Otherwise, click Continue to display a screen where you can enter a valid serial number to begin using the product without trial.

                I have reinstalled it, download another trial, but no results. Please help.


                thank you
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Sandra, these are lockups/ breakdowns in the licensing system. Those cannot be fixed by simple install procedures or file deletions. Once a program has been timestamped and flagged as a run out trial, there#s no way to coerce it into running again. Therefore you should call phone support. They will tell you what to do and can provide you with a temporal serial to extend your trial.