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    Commenting is on for After Effects CS4 Help. Use it and get points!

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8
      After Effects CS4 Help is live, and now all of the links should work (unlike the beta build posted earlier).

      At the bottom of each page is an Add Comment button. Please use it. Add a comment to a page to point out an error on that page. Add a comment to a page to link to a tutorial that is relevant to the topic of that page. Yes, you can and should link to your own stuff, as long as it's relevant and good. You can even add a comment to a page to tell us that we did a good job on that page. (No, no one really does that. And that makes us sad.)

      If you add a comment to the most relevant page and that comment adds information, then you can get points. When a moderator approves a comment, they decide how substantial and appropriate the contribution is, and points are awarded based on these evaluations. What good are points? Among other things, they are one of bases on which we promote users to moderator status.

      One thing that comments are _not_ for is ongoing, threaded conversation, such as conversations about troubleshooting issues. Those conversations belong more on forums like this one. If we do get troubleshooting comments and questions on the Help pages, we'll most likely just redirect them to the Technical Support system and the user-to-user forum.