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    frame jerks

      i have animated logo in 3dmax 9 and rendered tiff sequence but at
      starting stage the logo is appearing with jerks as it has less frames
      and motion is little fast. any suggestion to this problem.

      what interlace do basically....?
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          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
          1: Never ever render with fields/interlaced (or non-square pixels either) in a 3D package! Instead, render with twice the framerate you are finishing for (for standard PAL, render at least 1024x576 at 50 fps.) In AE, interpret that footage as 50fps and drop it into a 25 fps composition and render out the final movie with fields (upper or lower depending on how you are delivering.)

          If you want the "filmic" look; render from 3D and AE without fields as either 24 fps (for film or web output,) 25 fps (for PAL output) or 29.976 fps (for NTSC output.)

          - Jonas Hummelstrand