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    Green time line

      Somethings stopping me view my Ae animation work about half way through. I just started working with after effects and can see that the neon green strip above the time line represents, er, something. Currently it stops half way thru the project, and I can't watch anything past then. How to make it extend to the end of the work? And why is it broken - sometimes?? Vague terms I know but as I say I'm new...and the project has to be finished today!


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          You need to check out the help files. This green line represents the number of frames that can be cached into your system memory. After Effects is not a non linear editor and doesn't playback video the same way Premiere or FCP does.

          Read these pages from the help files and you'll have a better idea of how AE works.

          When you've finished the Previewing section you should also read the entire Rendering and Exporting section. AE is an extremely feature rich application and each of the output options has different requirements. You can't expect to get perfect results with every project if you don't do a little homework first.
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            I'm with Rick - please do a read in the help files. The thing is called "RAM preview" and typing that magic combination of words alone into the forum search function or Google brings up a hundred explanations as to how and why it behaves this way and how little it has to do with the actual final output.

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              Thanks for the tips, I jumped in at the deep end for this proj with just a short introduction...desperate measures!

              So the preview isn't essential as everything seems to be going OK. But it's all going to be saved right? Despite running out of the green line fuel Imean...


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                When you adjust your work area, it will ram preview that part. So, you can move to after the green line, hit b (sets Beginning of work area), and then hit 0 (zero on numpad) to play that section.

                If you need to preview the entire piece, render a temp lowres quicktime.
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                  Rendering movies always encompasses the entire duration of a composition by default and will use the framerate and resolution of the comp as well. Therefore it would be safe to assume it will render just fine. Just don't get yourself into trouble by getting miserly about disk space and attempting to use compressed formats. Stick with the default uncompressed modes, Quicktime with Animation CoDec or image sequences and have the conversion handled by whatever program you are going to import the result.