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    Can't hear sound in AE CS3

      I am creating a simple composition. I drop a sound file (.wav, but the same is true for mpg) onto the composition. When I do a RAM preview, or hit the period (.), I can see the audio activity in the Audio windows, but I hear nothing. If I render the comp to an AVI, it has no sound.
      The same wav file plays fine in Bridge or Premiere PRO.
      My preferences show "After Effects Windows Sound" as the Default Device for Audio Hardware.

      Any help would be appreciated
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        Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
        Well, for the render - make sure to enable sound for a given output module. For the rest - how is your audio hardware configured and what channels do the source files contain? AE only does stereo and does not deal with surround/virtual surround. The two channels have to be the first two in the file and also mapped to the first active output. Also make sure you are playing back via standard hardware, not the audio chipset e.g. of a video capture card.

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          I have installed Production Premium CS4 and now the sound in AE is working.
          However, I cannot associate any file types (including aep,...) to AfterFx.exe. I have posted that problem in another forum.
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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            Sounds like something in your installation has gone bad. I'd consider reinstalling, just in case.

            - Jonas Hummelstrand