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    Alert Window

    rahimhaji Level 1
      Dear Friends,

      iam developing a ticker (stand alone app), i done all the options it works well. Now i need to inser the alert option, i.e. If any new news uploaded to the web site, it has to show the alert "new news available" or it has to show the new news on the screen. i dont know how to check whether the new news has uploaded in the site? any body can help to to display the alert option in Flash and AIR. iam using AIR with Flash CS.

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          anirudhs Level 2

          That depends on how your data has come in. If you're data from the server is in RSS or XML form, whenever you get data, keep track (using file or an sqlite database) of when you got. Next time you check the RSS or XML, compare and see if you already have it or not. Depending upon that, it can be considered as new.