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    Matching Film Grain in AE

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      Hi folks, I'm doing some BG replacement for a film, and I'm working with 2k scans of the 35mm footage. I'm having some trouble matching the native look of the grain using either the match grain or the add grain filters in AE.

      I actually get better results tweaking the add grain manually than I do with match-grain.

      Ordinarily, I think the add-grain results would be acceptable, but since this is something of a rig-removal-on-steroids project, there are often situations where there is no distinct boundary between objects as there would be if say I were adding a futuristic building into a modern-day skyline where the object boundary would hide the grain mismatch.

      In this project, the faux-grain needs to blend smoothly into the real grain.

      Any tips on grain in AE? Otherwise, any more powerful plug-ins for matching existing film grain? Thanks in advance!