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    H.264 Blu-ray Rendering is Blocky at Start

      I'm rendering some 1920x1080 23.98 video out to H.264 Blu-ray M4V files in After Effects. Once we start authoring the Blu-ray disc in Scenarist we notice the very start of the video, for the first 12 frames or so, is very blocky. It then cleans up and looks great throughout the rest of the video. We are using a bitrate of 25 average and 30 max.

      A temporary solution is to render out to uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 quicktime and then compress with our CinemaCraft(which doesn't support ANY type of compressed files). But this is a few extra steps and the quicktimes are so big it's kind of a pain and rendering straight out of After Effects would be ideal.

      Does anyone have any experience with why it may end up blocky at the start? I've tried this on both Mac and PC versions on After Effects CS3. I don't have CS4 yet, so maybe that solves the problem.

      Sorry if this has been covered before, I searched around and didn't see anything. Thanks for any help!