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    Opening an AE from a different AE verison

      I have After Effects 7, and I am trying to open an After Effects file created in "AE Version 8.0.2 (unknown)" -> This is what my warning says. Because of this, I am not able to open the file. Is this something that is impossible, or is there a way to get around this problem (besides upgrading, that is)?

      Thank you
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          TradeWind Level 3
          After Effects will be unable to open future versions of projects, there is unfortunately no solution for you except to upgrade (or download a trial of AE CS3 (version 8.0)...if you can find it somewhere.
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            Apparently another instance of Adobe not giving a rip about their customer. It's getting to be a very long list.
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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8
              > Apparently another instance of Adobe not giving a rip about
              > their customer.

              I don't represent the entirety of Adobe, but I am confident in saying that Adobe does care about its customers.

              If you'd like to make a feature request regarding the ability to save a project backward to a format that can be opened in a previous version of After Effects, I encourage you to fill out the feature request form. Your vote and explanation will figure into the decision about whether and how to do such a feature.
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                From the "feature Request" form (actually, it only allowed me 2000 words so this is what I would have put there if I could).

                Why is this feature important to you?

                My business is not a traditional model where I use talent housed under a single roof. I sub talent exclusively - and we all are not in the same rhythm of purchasing upgrades. Whenever Adobe comes up with a major upgrade to a product there's a period of time, while we're all in the heat of trying to meet deadlines, maintain a reasonable workflow, and a host of other things where we all don't have the same versioning to stay comfortably at task. Add to that the painfully short shelf life of versions now and it's become a kind of sad joke among my fellow designers that we've just purchased the last in a line of disposable Adobe software. CS3 was just in January of this year for mac - That's a 10 month shelf life for this. Surely they can do better than that. Though, now being forced to make the purchase (a thing I cannot do because even in a city like San Francisco, CA There are no retailers to purchase it from in time to meet my Monday deadline) I'll have to download a trial version to get me through. I must thank them for making that available - all things considered it's at least a workaround That will hopefully get me through Monday...and after that to the purchase at $300 more in anticipation of another $300 in 10 months. Perhaps the better innovation would be an Adobe product recycle bin. Maybe they could give us all a virtual environment responsibility sticker for due diligence.

                As an aside - I know they have to make decisions that are in the best interest of all concerned both internal and external to the company. I have the make the same kinds of decisions daily. I would gladly spend a great deal more for a product I could count on having a reliable operational use cycle lasting 3 to 5 years. In terms of upgrades, I also understand how the breakneck pace of computing technologies affects such decision making but I think it would be nice to take that 3- 5 years to perfect what you have through updates that are a perk or privilege of the original purchase. At the end of the 5 years, have a really big release - something that shows Adobe truly is an innovator and not a bug fixer. my perception of late is that the latter seems the more likely.
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                  Navarro Parker Level 3
                  If you thought of AE as a 3D application, would you have the same response? Maya 2008 can't open Maya 2009 documents. Shake 3.5 can't open Shake 4.5 docs. Cinema4D r10 can't open r11 docs. I don't believe Final Cut Pro 5 can't open FCP 6 docs either.
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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                    Yepp, Navarro put it quite nicely and you could continue the list endlessly for Word and Excel documents, SAP databases, Quicktime CoDecs and whatnot... Rick's concerns are certainly valid on some level, but utterly illusory, I'm afraid. You simply cannot re-invent a product suite with 12 big programs, a number of Server software, tons of little complementary tools and file format specifications every 5 year. Even "fresh" programs like e.g. Luxology's modo already had a 4 year development before they even were released. following that logic, Adobe would probably be a 100000 employee facility just for rewriting Photoshop... ;-)

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                      Good words but it doesn't lessen the blow. In the for profit world logic only reigns supreme in bottom lines. Still I can't help but wonder if it's the cost of doing business or something else. You have to understand I'm not a maven of any sort - a new pair of jeans for me only happens when they've outworn their usefulness. My pipe dream of software that has a decent shelf life may be misplaced for a number of technical reasons but lets not forget that good marketing stratagems call for the fabrication of necessity. Thus economic stimulus packages that mandate purchase and production of more and more goods, never mind garages packed with land fill fodder. Perhaps it's an apples and oranges discussion - perhaps common sense and related practical domains were ousted upon introduction of hoola hoop-like inventions. Thank the gods for them all - but my use of computing technologies is not a recreation proposition. It's what provides me a living and also what makes making a living more complicated. I seem to always be up for the challenge and it may even make me more adaptively competent. There's a principle that transcends my love of puzzling through a new experience especially in light of more efficient possibilities. It seems to me We're stuck tinkering with small solutions in the software world when bigger ones might move us more deliberately toward something truly innovative and worth talking about.

                      Apologies for taking up space on this forum for a rant. It's my last. Thanks for your insights.
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                        Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                        No apology necessary. We all share some of those concerns and have our everyday favorite gripes. ;-) In fact, before I ever got involved with the intricacies of software development, I was ready to bark at any developer that crossed my path and companies not seeing the light, as it were. Still, your considerations about the general nature of capitalism notwithstanding, I would not just see this as a drive to just create a need for consumption... When I was still a dental technician (hard to imagine, that even I had a "decent" profession once :-) ), we'd also get new stuff every year which we had to get used to and indeed it made our lives easier. So, this is not really a specific thing of software... Sure, not everything seems necessary at first, but I would argue that so far there were enough advancements in every Adobe product cycle which made some people's lives easier. Of course this must not necessarily include people like you, but ask yourself: If of a given number of users perhaps 60% would be willing to upgrade for those new features, does this not ultimately drive the decisions in terms of development and also business?... It's really a complex topic. In any case: If you have been following events, you should know that CS$ started introducing an XML based file format which in the long run, once it's all fleshed out fully, should finally provide the backward compatibility you were lobbying for, even if only on an minimalistic and incomplete level...

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                          ummm...in Final Cut you can save out an interchange format...

                          Illustrator warns you that you are opening an earlier document and not all features will be available.

                          Could something like that be developed? I know that After Effects is a far more complex app...just a thought?
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                            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                            It's not impossible and with that XML stuff it will be this way. Still, the question remains: Does the effort (and cost) required to develop backward compatible file savers balance out in the books? In addition, with new media formats popping up every month and programs aimed at creating and processing those, it is also another question why people would not want to upgrade. The potential loss in information, simply because a feature did not exist in a older version might hurt you more than the money for an upgrade...

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                              Thanks, Cystemlogic!!