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    CS3 Shatter Effect

      So, is it true that I can only use a force in a shatter effect at the in point of a layer only? Here's what I've got:

      A composition ready to go. After about 1 minute or so, I want the composition to shatter revealing a layer below. I've tried to do this by setting force 1 strength to zero and gravity to zero for the first minute, leaving it zero for 1 minute, then tweening force 1 strength to 5 over a couple of frames (and adding a bit of gravity too)

      What do I get out of this? Gravity effects only. Nice. So...I'm confused. Does the force only operate for the exact in point of the layer, and then turn off? I could render the comp, and then chop it up into 2 pieces and do it that way if this is the case. But, this is really not elegant and clunky (as with most things done in After Effects).

      Any help from a guru would be appreciated!
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I'm not sure what you are getting at. By all rights, keyframing the parameters should give the expected results, so probably there's something amiss in the way how you combine them. Anyway, you can always use a gradient layer to control how the dynamics respond. In your case, simply create a white solid in a pre-comp, then assign that pre-comp as the gradient layer. Animate the threshold and leave the forces at full from the start.

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            I agree that the keyframe thing should have worked (that's why I tried it), but it didn't (that's why I posted :) ). Sounds like a weird bug to me.

            Anyways, the gradient thing worked perfectly...thanks a bunch!
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              bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
              You don't want to kf the Force, you want to keyframe the size of the sphere.
              Think of it this way, any pixel that the sphere touches has been given permission to move. The only way to keep something from moving is to not touch it yet.

              I love SHatter.
              The original Atomic package came with more than 2 hours of video explaining the baiscs of Shatter. It's incredibly cool and stupidly underexplained.