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    two timeline questions


      hi - i am new at AE. can someone please take a look at the image above. i am trying to figure out two things:

      how do i "grab" or select the short clip on layer one and slide it down on the timeline so it starts later in the project?

      on the bottom layer, i had to trim the footage. when i did so, it left all of this black space where the trimmed removed footage was. how do i tell the timeline to shorten the length - and the end of the project - of the project so it ends where the layer ends?

      thanks - deaf guy mike
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          To move the upper layer, just click and hold the blue section within the layer and drag it. To more accurately position it, drag the current time indicator (CTI) to the required start point and hit [ -the open square bracket key - to move the start point of the layer to that position.

          To shorten the composition duration, you could:

          Go to Composition/Settings and enter a new duration


          Move the CTI to the last frame required in the comp, set the Work area end point (press N) and, after ensuring the work area starts at the beginning of the comp, select Composition/Trim Comp To Work Area.
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            Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
            1. Grabbing and sliding footage in the timeline:

            Use the move tool (select tool) then click and drag the layer (left-right) in the timeline. There are other methods to making 'in-points' you'll find in the online help.

            2. Trimming the comp to the shorter length:

            (a) Change the Composition Settings to the length you want, or;

            (b) If you want to trim the entire comp to the length of your work area (the gray bar with blue handles just above layer 1), you can right-click (or ctrl-click) the bar and trim the comp to the length of your WORK AREA (your work area must be smaller than the current comp length: to make that, click and drag the blue handles, or set "B"egin or e"N"d areas.