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    CS4 Dynamic Link Problem

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      Is anybody having trouble keeping the source files linked in After Effects after using dynamic link from Premiere?

      Please refer to this link:
      cwrig, "CS4 Dynamic Link Problem" #1, 26 Oct 2008 1:02 pm

      This is very frustrating.

      Thanks for your time!
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          Did some more tests and here is what does and doesn't work for me.

          Losing footage -
          Yes I was having the issue (and the topic is in the premiere forum also)

          Here is what seems to solve it.

          It loses the footage if I use the original folder which has spaces in the name. Not sure if that is the culprit but both methods proved consistent in every test I did.
          it worked when I used a new folder called "Test" at the root of my editing drive.

          Not sure if other have the issue but when I close AE, PPro will just sit there with an hour glass and show as not responding.

          If I close PPro first and then AE and reopen PPro then all seems to work as it is supposed to.

          This was also consistent in every test I did.