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    Working Space for Color Management...

    theboyk Level 1

      I'm working on a project with a series of still, all of which contain embedded sRGB color profiles (as these images were originally used for a web-based job). This video project will eventually go onto a SD DVD to be displayed on a SD NTSC television. When choosing my working space (for color management), should I use SDTV NTSC (or should I use sRGB and then specify SDTV NTSC in my output setting upon rendering? I'm leaning towards SDTV NTSC as my working space, but since I'm coming at this from a print background in color management, I'm wondering if someone could lend some advice?

      Also, what should I select for these options (under Color Settings in Project Settings)...ie. should I or shouldn't I have them checked...
      - Linearize Working Space
      - Blend Colors Using 1.0 Gamma