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    CS3 Browse presets

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      I have just installed CS4 web premium on my iMac. I didn't upgrade After Effects so am still using CS3.

      When I go to Browse Presets... from the Effects palette, Bridge CS4 opens, but the path to my presets is not working. It is opening at the last viewed folder on my HD.

      Can this be fixed please?
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          I've just realised - I had Bridge open so I closed it & tried again. It launches Bridge CS3 which is still on my system at the moment.

          Would still like to launch/use Bridge CS4 as I'll be removing some of the older Apps in the near future.
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            Also, when I try to apply presets from Bridge CS4 to AECS3 (to type) I get an error telling me that .ffx is an unsupported filetype or extension.

            What can I do to fix this please?
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              You can change file associations in Bridge. However, given the version mismatch, this may also require you to adjust your system's file associations. There's a tool for this somewhere, I just can't remember its name. I don't think that Bridge CS4 and AE CS3 will properly establish the required loopback between the programs, so this may never work...

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                Thanks for your reply. In Bridge, ctrl (right) clicking on files gives you the option to Open With...

                It turns out that following a response from Adobe support, AECS3 is NOT compatible with Bridge CS4. It led to me having to re-install Bridge CS3

                Re-installling Bridge CS3 was a lengthy affair with a lot of disc swapping involved. I doubt I am the only Adobe user with this issue & anticipate as the roll-out of CS4 becomes more widespread, other users who have After Effects CS3 as a standalone product may need to be advised not to remove Bridge CS3.

                The methods of applying/placing presets from Bridge CS4 is not compatible with AECS3 & this broken path link resulted in considerable down-time for me whilst repairing the problem caused by me removing Bridge CS3.

                I am surprised that in this case, Adobe has not considered AECS3 users may through the installation of CS4 web or design suites upgrade Bridge & lose functionality if they remove Bridge CS3.
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                  Well, there's surely no way to cater for everyone. There's just too many possible combinations. While everyone will understand that in particular web designers have a need for video creation or preparatory work for Flash in AE, I think the common consensus in this case would be that they probably should take the plunge and get a Master Collection. This will be even more so in the future, with interactive features also being added to InDesign and other products for PDF output in combination with embedded Flash content...

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                    Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                    Please note that you can easily apply an Animation Preset from within AE by using the "Animation" menu -> "Apply Animation Preset..."

                    - Jonas Hummelstrand