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    AE CS3 with NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Graphics card Help

      Hello, I have an urgent question regarding After Effects CS3 and the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT512MB graphics card.

      I just upgraded from a G5 to a Mac Pro Quad Core with 8gigs of DDR2 Ram and Im running Leopard. Im running a newly installed copy of After Effects CS3 with all the latest updates, Im updating my old AE7 projects into AE CS3.

      The problem Im having is that AE CS3 is running painfully slow, Im running very complex compositions but its running similar or slower then on AE7 on my G5. I generally just want to find out if anyone else has been using After Effects CS3 with the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT513MB graphics card and what their experiences have been. Im just a little panicked that I may have ordered the wrong graphics card for this kind of heavy compositing work. Also if it turns out that I may be using a graphics card that may not be best suited for After Effects on MacPros is their another card thats recommended?

      A small note also, Im running AE with multiprocessing enabled, Im working in Adaptive Resolution, Open GL is disabled, I fudged around with the ram cache size but its still painfully slow. If anyone can chime in that would greatly be appreciated, Im just panicking at the moment that I may have ordered the wrong graphics card.

      Many Thanks in advance.