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      ok, i'll try to explain this as much as i can, i work for a phone company and i wanted to animate their logo for podcasting. what i want to do is put the logo (which is a series of black and green circles that form a square) in the center and have the name of the company circle the logo. so it is visible when in front but when it circles behind the logo it obviously gets obscured by it, so i guess my question is if someone can help me out with wrapping text in 3d around an object so as it spins behind it it'll disappear and then appear again on the other side, i looked into trapcode because they seem to have something that works, i just want to know what you guys/girls suggest. here's what i found on the trapcode site, http://www.digitalproducer.com/2003/11_nov/tutorials/11_10/linewrap.htm