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    Unable to play media  - Render settings

      I am working in a project for which I have to deliver video content to mobile devices. I decided to buy Adobe CS4 Production Premium because it seemed it will make my life easier with Device Central and Encoder presets for mobile devices.

      I tried to create video for nokia N82 and other devices and I can't make it work. I used different presets and custom settings to encode the video. I also made my workmates to try in their device and still it plays sound but not video. The Device Central shows the video in the emulator as it should work but never happen.
      Is there anybody with the key for my problem?
      I tried to render the video in the render queu in AE but even with the settings for mobile device I can't make it works.

      Please, I would like to know what am I doing wrong!
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I have no idea, but as a first step I'd check the data rates. This is always conspicuous on low-bandwidth devices. As a second step, a detailed check of the output settings would be required. My guess is that you are bumping into an issue with your transcoder matrix because you are not using the 3GPP option in the MPEG encoder or the profile level is not supported by that particular phone. If the phone supports FlashLite, putting the files into such a file may resolve the issue, but may require the full Flash...

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            I used different settings, even some presents meant for mobile devices with Media Encoder or in the render queu in AE.
            I tried to render accordingly to the mobile device but always failed in video, sound OK.
            I made my collagues to try it in their phone but happen the same, so different devices, same results so we go back to the profile level I am using. I will try different settings again and see what happen but its strange that the Device Central plays the video perfectly in the emulator for my phone (nokia n82) but won't play in the actual device.

            Thanks Mylenium,