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    Workflow for Mocha,

      I need to get a trimmed portion of a clip out to Mocha. It is HDV1080.

      I am so confused by all the new formats and how to get them out with as little/no re-compression as possible. Is there a reference/site that outlines the different appropriate settings for things like HDV, AVCHD, MXF, etc.

      Thank You
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          If it's just for mocha, then it doesn't really matter. It will only use Quicktime files and image sequences, anyway. So simply export as QT Animation or TIFF sequences and off you go. You could even use compressed CoDecs such as Sorenson 3 or Photo-JPEG, as by its nature the mocha algorithm will not make too much of additional artifacts. It would just complicate placing the corner points of the surface and any masking, but even that might not matter in many cases.

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            You can also apply the tracking data to the original media. Just copy to the clipboard and paste into AE layer.

            Check out lots of tips here: