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    has anyone experienced sloooooow cs4 rendering

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      just got our cs4 upgrade (we run 28 copies) .... installed on the 8 engined render farm which is 16gb 8 core xp64, and on a couple of lower specced 3gb 2 core xp32 boxes

      doing some rendering tests of a cs3 project, which has 16 similar queued items, which with variations we render every week, so now how long it takes

      under cs3
      on a single xp64 workstation (32gb, 8core) each item in the render queue takes about 10m
      on the render farm (xp64, 8 core, 16gb), because of multiple machines accessing the smae source footage, each item can take like 15 to 18 minutes ... but still happy
      on a xp32, 2 core, 3gb machine item will take 35m
      on a xp32 single core 3gb machine item can take maybe 1 hr

      under cs4
      i am getting estimated item times with a minimum of 1.5hrs to 30hrs :-(, same project, same machines ... so its crawling ... similar memory settings, same plugins, but ridiously slow performance
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          What's the footage type and CoDecs? Sounds like MediaCore is grabbing a hold of it and then slows everything down 'cos it can't cope. Also - what graphics cards do the systems have? May sound unrelated, but could also cause issues.

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            codecs and footage will be MOV's, most commonly used are animation, photojpeg, uncompressed or blackmagic

            yes multithreading is on, but one thing i have noticed is the "secret" purge setting doesnt seem to work ... normaly i set to purge every 25s, also seeing failure to render after rendering for 1/2hr or so

            just so stunned with the difference between cs3 and cs4, but early days yet i guess

            graphics cards could be matrox dl256 on the older machines or nvidia9600s on the later ones, the render engines are 1U blades, so whatever is on the motherboard ... ati's i think, but cant imagine it would be the graphics card as all it is doing is rendering, not editing
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Yes, of course, but MediaCore uses bits and pieces of the graphics pipeline, so there's always the chance. Should not affect QT formats such as yours, though. In case of the BMD CoDecs one could always go looking for an updated version... This may be a known issue. for the rest - I have no idea.

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                MORE CLUES

                purge cache which i set to 25 frames, works when single threaded, but not if multithreaded specified

                left a project running last night ... under cs3 each item should take around 15m to render .... four items failed after around 9m - 12m with similar messages to this in the renderfarm logs

                Adobe After Effects v9.0 (Windows) render log for project test9.aep
                Rendering started on 2008-11-04 at 21:30:45
                2008-11-04 21:30:45: Starting composition _QT14.
                Output To: \\Gfxserver3\Renderbin\Joes\TV2\Week 45\TV2_QT14.mov
                After Effects error: closing movie QuickTime error (-2026). (44 :: 53)
                2008-11-04 21:42:50: Finished composition _QT14.
                Total Time Elapsed: 9 Min, 21 Sec
                Log closed on 2008-11-04 at 21:42:50

                the next item was still rendering 16hrs later when i turned up for work the next day, with an estimated finish time of 60hrs
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Mmh, it surely has a problem with accessing QT components in MP mode. This is just too weird. I still can't provide more assistance, though. On the occasions I use this feature, it works (XP64, 8GB, Dual Xeon; output to Microcosm and Animation CoDecs). Sorry.

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                    Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                    CS4 has several render optimizations, so you should see faster render times.

                    Can you please do a test render to a local disk (with lots of free space) to rule out problems with the network?

                    If you twirl open the Render Details in the Render Queue, what it AE spending most of the time doing? Are RAM Previews fast but rendering to disk slow?

                    - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                      1.) Multiple machines rendering the same footage makes the time required go down, not up.

                      2.) Purging the cache every 25 frames is completely unnecessary and more than likely slowing things down, not speeding them up. You should be pushing all of your memory to background usage anyway when you are rendering a large queue, which has nothing to do with the cache you're purging.

                      3.) Your graphics cards have nothing to do with the problem, and neither does multi processor rendering, unless of course you are trying to use OpenGL when you are doing so, I'm hoping that's not the case. Please tell me you are using the rendering engines and not running AE on every machine...

                      4.) MediaCore is the name of a folder that you install plugins into for Premier and After Effects to share.

                      You're problem is that you are using QuickTime at all, why would you do that if all your machines are PCs? Try taking the space out of the path (i.e. Week_45) and don't begin your composition names with an _. Your machine had a problem accessing the file it was rendering which is what caused it to fail.

                      Additionally the settings have changed significantly in AE this time around, it would be advisable to re-familiarize yourself with them all again.

                      Good Luck
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                        justin ... think you are missing the point .... what works for us on afx6.5, 7., & 8.0 dont work on v.9, and as we are in a time conscious production environment, will wait it out till the first patches come out

                        purging helps from afx from relentlessly consuming memory

                        render farm is running render engine("C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\AfterFX.exe" -re -wf \\gfxserver2\renderbin2\watchfolder), which keeps things simpler and saves buying another 8 copies of all our plugins ... it is controlled by some command scripts i wrote

                        not using premier

                        naming convention has worked flawlessly in the past, so no need to change those templates

                        quicktime shouldnt be a problem, and never was under cs3, even when running 64bit os .... its just unavailable for 64 bit native apps, but afx is 32bit ... again i say we have been running afx cs.3 without problems with these projects for years, and without problems under xp64 for 8 months ... maybe reinstalling qt could help

                        all the tests i ran for v.9 afx came from successful afx8 projects

                        we did have a couple of designers running afx9 as testers when we first got the software, but they found afx8 faster and more stable
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                          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2

                          Please call Adobe's support to log a case, because something in your pipeline is causing a problem that shouldn't be there.

                          CS4 is faster than CS3 on all my machines, both Win XP and OS X, and has been so for at least six months.

                          i http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/

                          - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                            We fixed some speed issues in AE 9.0.1. Give that a shot.