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      I´m just trying to learn After Effects CS4. When I put an Effect on a menu and tried to edit the effect I got a error message "AE_OpenGL: A texture in this composition is too small to render.....".
      When I uncheck Unable OpenGL in the preferences the problem disappeared.

      I have a graphic card NVIDIA Geforce 6600GT. Is this a card problem ? Can anyone give me a suggestion of a proper one.

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          (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
          Hey Thomas.
          The short answer is, it'll be easiest/best for you to just leave OpenGL disabled for the time being. Unless you're doing a lot of work with 3D layers, and effects that won't be hampered by OpenGL, then it's best to stick with the software rendering.

          It may be a video card driver issue, or a system issue.

          Most users have it disabled unless they specifically want to use it.
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            TradeWind Level 3
            There should be no problems with that card.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              The message would indicate that Ae thinks your card only supports older versions of OpenGL which used fixed size/ fixed aspect ratio "textures". The card is certainly not the newest one and may be unsopported, but before going crazy over it, I, too, would simply turn off OpenGL. Dunno the rest of your system specs, but buying a new card does not necessarily make sense in older systems - the high power consumption of more recent cards alone might cause instability or even kill your motherboard. Giving advice on specific models is also hard, as there are simply too many new ones coming out every two months, but you could just assume that current NVidia and ATI models, barring any potential driver issues, should work.

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                We are also seeing this problem on two different machines with two different nVidia cards: a GeForce 8800 GTS and a Quadro 4600 FX.

                Two totally different cards, and different drivers--both the latest versions downloaded within the past week, on new builds.

                Looks like Adobe has some unresolved issues here.
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Well, the joys of OpenGL-compliance... Have you tried to adjust the memory allocation values both in the driver and AE? Also look, whether you are using some application specific config presets in the NVidia settings which may not be compatible with AE. In particular observe antialiasing settings, as it can effectively disable some functionality. It should default to "controlled by application", but you never know...

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                    craulmedia Level 1
                    This OpneGL thingie makes no sense anyway. For some it works, for some not, do it, make it, no, yes. Bulls*** to me.

                    [I obscured a few characters of this post to remove the obscenity. Please don't use obscenity or profanity on this forum. (Todd Kopriva)]
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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                      Thomas, as Austin Powers says: "Oh behave!" ;-) While I'm inclined to agree that in general Adobe has no lucky hand with OpenGL (for kicks, anyone might check the Photoshop forums for complaints about CS4 hardware acceleration), there's always two sides to the story. Nobody can predict what combination of different hardware and configuration users have and some problems are almost inevitable. I know it's bad and no one likes it, but on the bright side, AE is still so "free" in use of OpenGL, that you always can turn it off. Try that line on someone using Fusion or toxic* and see them break into tears... When it works, it's great though. What perhaps should be changed, is the way Adobe are "pushing" it on us without giving us alternatives or allowing us to configure it more deeply. In my view that's what's wrong with it - it's either all or nothing and the level of fine control for settings inbetween as you e.g. have it with 3D programs is missing.

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                        craulmedia Level 1
                        Thank you Todd for pinning some "Parental Advisory" at me. I feel kinda proud of this because someones is conducting me about what i want/have to say. if a cold shower won´t do, the word "s***" will make me feel free.

                        i do not want to abet anyone here in the forums to use strong words because it devalues anything you say - neither to be in favour of an self opinion nor if your in the lucky position to be absolutely right what you say. so watch what you say. daddy is watching you...

                        To my dear Mylenium,

                        if i buy a freaking car and the salesman is telling me that i always have the possibility to turn off "three wheel-mode", and i always have the chance to activate the brakes if i like and if i will do so i always can activate the windscreen wiper, just if i like or if i'm in need of it.
                        That's nice, thanks for having a choice.

                        I have a driving license - my machine which fits by far the minimum requirements, i have the right (strongly recommended) graphics card, i have the skills to manage the software - means, i can drive the road properly.

                        for petes sake: what or how much of do i still have to take care of?
                        crazy people across the streets?

                        [I obscured a few characters of this post to remove the obscenity. Please don't use obscenity or profanity on this forum. (Todd Kopriva)]
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                          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2

                          Like Steve said earlier, OpenGL in AE is a mixed bag and it's really only useful for certain situations like working with a large number of 3D layers. In many instances OpenGL is actually slower than the normal software "Adaptive Resolution" rendering.

                          I don't know a single pro AE user that has OpenGL turned on as a default, that's the sad truth, so you're probably not missing much...

                          - Jonas Hummelstrand