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    another ram question

      CS3 (not 4) / Vista 64 / Q9550 quad core / 8gb Ram - AE shows 3.1 gb in startup - should it show more?
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          CS3 is still a 32-bit application, so you won't be able to access all of your RAM for a singular instance of AE until the software becomes 64-bit as well. A 64-bit version of AE has been rumored for CS5 release.
          You will, however, be able to access your RAM when rendering (using the multiprocessor features - this launches background instances of AE).
          You should be able to use up to 4 GB per-process on a 64-bit OS, however. What are your current Memory and Cache settings in AE?

          From the Live Help Docs
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            Thanks Steve. From the posts here I knew that the rendering was supposed to use up to 4gb per core - but I wasnt sure what AE should show/recognize it as.

            Max Mem Usage is 120% = 3.7gb
            Max RAM Cache Size is 60% = 1.9gb
            Max Disk Cache = 20,000mb
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              No problem, Matt.
              Your memory usage settings look pretty standard.
              You can toy with increasing the Max Usage slightly, but if you encounter instability, you may want to reset them to their defaults.
              I'm guessing you have disk cache enabled then? It will help by storing (caching) some files on your HD(s) rather than in RAM (blue bar above the timeline).