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    Feature Request / After Effects

      Feature Request from Advanced Level User.

      1. Copy and Paste Comp settings to Other Selected Comps

      We are creating Motor Shows for major Automotive clients and often need to resize animated stings etc. in various different formats and clients often change things whenever they like.

      When a client says could you change the resolution of that master render or the framerate then it would be great if you could copy composition settings and apply them to all the nested compositions that you choose. This should be similar to copying footage interpretation and pasting the info to a selection of video assets.

      To elaborate, take the scenario where you have a file rendered at 1024x768 @ 30fps. The client says please make it PAL 720x576. Simple: you just put the master output into another comp and scale down to the new size. The 25fps would be reducing frames so that should be fine also. Now the client says they need a 1280x720p @ 50fps version that they forgot to tell you about. Now you could put the 1024x768 comp into the new 720p size and crop top and bottom. But you would have to scale UP the width from 1024 to 1280. Increasing the framerate would only work if you switched on collapse transformation in all of the nested comps, lets assume there are 50 of these due to the nature of this streamlined composite. Collapse Trans. or Grow Bounds is of course an option but not always relevant. Often the only way is to trawl though a chain of Nested comps and manually change size, framerate etc. The process of neatly nesting and working at the highest resolution needed is good practice. But often clients do not tell you about that 'big' version they need too, so speaking in hindsight is of little use. It happens often.

      If you could simply change the size of the master output comp and then copy it's settings, select all the nested comps in the Project Window and then paste the settings into all the nested comps you would have saved a lot of time.