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    CS4 Backcompatibility...


      Will files created in AE cs4 be able to be opened in cs3?
      I know that has worked in the past, but some programs like indesign have much trouble with it..

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          Unfortunately, no.
          Actually, AE has never been backwards-compatible.
          There were ways to manually copy/paste comps/keyframes/etc..., but at no point were you ever able to open a newer version of an AE file in an older version of the software.
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            Thats a shame. That means I cannot upgrade my version of AE without causing the studio I work with to upgrade all of their machines.

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              More than a bummer...a crime and business as usual for Adobe. I spent a half hour providing them with input about such things in an online survey recently - the incentive to bother was couched in statements like "we at adobe are always seeking ways to improve our products and service..." It seems unfortunate that one may have to choose a different profession to avoid the insult and injury of a company who creates a decent product (albeit predictably buggy edging near an intolerable...maybe even inexcusable threshold)but who ignores what it seems so many need - a simple save down a version feature for heaven sake for use as a transition into the new. I understand the rationale from an economic standpoint - no secret there. Here I go again...an upgrade that for all the reading I've been doing on it, seems laden with the usual more and new bugs.

              Much frustration
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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                Rick, I responded to you on another thread where you made a similar point:


                But I'll repeat part of my response here for folks tracking this thread.

                If you'd like to make a feature request regarding the ability to save a project backward to a format that can be opened in a previous version of After Effects, I encourage you to fill out the feature request form. Your vote and explanation will figure into the decision about whether and how to do such a feature.