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    After Effects Unmatched - Create a Realistic Fire and explosion in After Effects by Henry Mbata

      In this Amazing free video tutorial, Henry The Jedi is giving away one of the great video tutorials from
      his new exciting training DVD called "Adobe After Effects Unmatched" to guide you through the exciting and
      artistic process of:
      - creating a realistic fire and explosion in After Effects
      -Learn Motion Tile effects and expression controls
      -Add a powerful camera shake to a video footage

      You can download a higher quality version of this amazing video tutorial for FREE
      so you can learn at the comfort of your home and at your own pace
      Please check this tutorial and more on my website:

      Remember to find out more on how our product "Adobe After Effects Unmatched" will inspire you to take your creativity
      to "Unmatched" levels of possibilities

      Thank you so much for your time

      Henry Mbata AKA The Jedi

      3d Modeller, Animator, Visual effects artist

      website: http://www.henrythejedi.com
      e-mail address: henrimbata@yahoo.com
      Tel: +27725407280
      Skype name: henri.mbata