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    camera layer

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      I have insert a camera layer to change the point of interest .
      I have turn on all the 3d option of the layer under the camera layer.

      I have a slow movement of the picture in the beginning and I use only in the end the camera layer just to make a 30 degree turn,
      but the problem is when i put the cam layer,every time it makes that the image just jump suddenly from where the camera layer start to work.
      (so it works smoothly until the camera layer,after just jump for a sec when is on the first key of the cam layer and after again everything is ok.)

      why that jump situation appears,I havent change any of the options in the camera,except the point of interest.
      could you please tell me how to fix that?

      thank you
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Please read the help files. In short: It will never work this way. Without a camera layer, AE will use its own "virtual" 3D camera to be able to calculate 3D items. Naturally this must not match any settings you apply to a proper camera layer. Therefore adding a camera halfway through the animation and hoping is ill advised, even more so as AE's behavior is such, that in areas where multiple projection matrices (cameras) exist, only the topmost one will be used, so your camera layer overrides the virtual camera. Either use a camera throughout the entire scene or don't....