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    Scale without loosign the alignment of layers

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      Could anyone help me with this question that I have been wondering about many times in the past:

      I started a composition that was standard definition size and did some graphic design in it. Now my client wants me to make a HD version of this comp. If I change the comp size to HD in the composition settings, I will naturally have to scale up the layers inside the comp to match the new size. But this scaling is a bit problematic: I will loose the alignment between the different elements of my comp (the relationships between objects will get messed up).

      I usually take care of this problem by precomposing the layer and scaling the precomp up, but in this case I can't do that, since I need to save the comp as photoshop layers later.

      If anyone can give me a hint on how I could scale my comp (and everything in it) up without loosing the position-relationships, I would be thankful!