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    Broadcast colors for PAL


      I wonder, how do you quality assure your video for PAL broadcast?

      Specifications say that the video uses PAL System I and allows 0-100% rgb. Luminance allowed is -1 to 103% and chrominance allowed is -5 to 105%.

      While for example using the effect "broadcast colors" in after effects and choosing PAL. Certain highlight colors get painted with this ugly pixelated grey color, and this really looks like crap. So I'm a bit confused with how to assure that my video doesn't bleed or get over exposed when broadcasted.

      Thanks in advance!

      / Olle
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Check creativeCOW. There are several tutorials by Aharon Rabinowitz explaining how to expand and compress color ranges for broadcast safe treatment. The behavior of the mentioned effect is correct, but apaprently it's not the most useful effect for this kind of stuff...

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8
            In the "Broadcast-safe colors" section of After Effects Help, I recommend that you use the Broadcast Colors effects as a way to identify areas with colors that are out of range, but not as a way to fix those colors. The Broadcast Colors effect is a color-correction sledgehammer, not a scalpel. That same section of Help also suggests some ways to bring colors into the safe range.

            Mylenium is right that there's some good stuff on Creative COW and other websites about this. This Community Help search brings up several tutorials and documents on this topic.