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    Project slow to open

      I've got a CS3 project based on DV footage which uses lots and lots of clone tool strokes. Even now that my layers are all entirely proxies, the project has become unbearably slow and unwieldy. I've got layers prerendered so that the paint/clone stokes don't pile up in any one place - but is there anything I can do to make this sort of project more easy to handle. THere's really nothing else going on besides a short clip used, prerendered, and reused - and 2-frame clone strokes. But it's a complete beast. Any ideas?

      Macbook Pro 2.6 GHx core2duo, 4 GB RAM, CS3, osx10.5.4
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          No, not really. Each stroke creates a property entry in the timeline and any number of "keyframes" plus the actual spatial stroke path, so you easily create a lot of data. Baking out intermediate steps is really the only decent way to work, even more so on a notebook with limited resources... I'm afraid the only serious recommendation in this case is to use alternate tools...