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    merging compositions?

      I'm doing a big animated project. Using Flash and AE Cs3 (haven't upgraded yet.) Since the final piece will be about 11 minutes long, I'm animating each scene in flash, then importing into AE for tweaking, FX, etc. There are 40 scenes.

      What I've been doing is, creating a new composition for each scene, then working with each small composition. I've found it easier to do RAM previews for the entire scene this way and with an 11 minute project, I thought it would just get too hairy with all the separate files.

      However, now that I'm nearly the end of this, I have to see how all the scenes play when strung together. I had originally thought I'd string them together in Final Cut Pro, or some other NLE. Then I thought, maybe I can do it in AE without having to render, so I can still edit parts before final render.

      Is there a way to merge all of the compositions without rendering so it will ultimately be one big composition?

      I'm using a Mac 2.66 Dual Core with 5 gigs ram, btw.