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    Increase RAM usage

      In the pref file ti states that: "Note: After Effects will not use more that 2GB of RAM... See After Effects Help for information about enabling this option."
      I have 4 GB ram. I have searched AE Help, Microsoft, adobe and Google, ..,. for 3 hours now. I cannot find out HOW to do this. Everyone talks about it but no one tells HOW.

      I really would appreciate it if someone, anyone would be kind enough to give me a hint as to where I might fine information on HOW to do it. It is so frustrating that Adobe help files does not tell you how to find anything or use the search terms in stating that you can find something. It sure would make it easier to use their programs if they stated how. But maybe it is just that I am not a tech guru, only a lowly user.

      Thank you,