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    Backward Saving possible in After Effects CS4?


      How do you open After Effects CS4 projects in AE CS3? Or rather, is there a way to save AE CS4 projects so it's compatible in AE CS3?

      I have a huge problem and recently worked on a school project using the trial AE CS4, at home. However I couldn't render the animation at home because of some Memory/Scratch Disk/RAM issue, or so the sign said - I figured it had to do with my RAM space not being sufficient enough.

      Anyway so I took the entire project to school so I could render it peacefully, but unfortunately we're still using CS3 here, and the program said it couldn't open my project because it was done with a later version.

      Please! Tell me there's a way to make AECS4 files to AECS3! I know it's possible with InDesign, and Illustrator normally has a backward save function (to my memory anyway), so surely there's one with After Effects, no?

      Thanks in advance!